Friday, September 13, 2013

C4T #1

Building Non-Cognitive Skills into a Blended Model
Meghan Dunne has been teaching kindergarten, but is moving to teach a first grade classroom this year. Dunne explains that many people do not see this as a big change, but in reality it is a very big change. First grade is a huge year for academic growth and the expectations for the students and herself are increasing. Dunne also states "(many studies have shown that gaps in the primary years are significantly harder to close after 3rd grade)And while this is why I wanted to move to first grade, I do not want to sacrifice the routines and procedures that promote “soft skills.” Dunne talks about how when working with young children you have to provide classroom instruction that goes beyond academic instruction. "Teachers of young children must find the time, in an already tightly scheduled day, to engage students in routines that promote the growth of non-cognitive skills such as persistence, grit and self-regulation." Dunne explained that she was a week away from meeting her new first graders and she has decided to implement the station rotation model in her classroom which will demand student self regulation.
Caterpillar with dots. The Very Busy First Graders.

My Response to Ms. Dunne
I explained that I found her thoughts on soft skills very interesting. You always hear teachers talk about how busy the school day already is and how hard it is to fit anything else into the daily schedule. I also explained that I think the station rotation model will be very useful in her classroom because it will get her children engaged with their peers as well as teach them self regulation.

Back to School 2.0
Adam Hurwitz explains that Edna Brewer Middle School has just received 180 Google Chromebooks as well as network and device infrastructure upgrades, through the Blended Learning Pilot Program joint-sponsored by the Oakland Unified School District and the Rogers Foundation. The school will also receive on-going teacher support and training sessions throughout the year. The students all received a google account. A sixth grade class is instructed to take a "Welcome to Being a Panther Quiz." Students who don’t get a perfect score on the first try have up to five attempts — most nail it in two or three, which is great. Everyone is very excited to see how well this blended classroom works out.

My Response to Mr. Hurwitz
I explained to Mr. Hurwitz a little bit about what we are doing in EDM310 since it involves technology like they are trying to incorporate in Edna Brewer Middle School. I think it is great that they were able to get so many Google Chromebooks through the Blended Learning Pilot Program. I feel like having the computers and incorporating technology will greatly influence the students and have a very positive impact on them. Technology is ever increasing in schools and it is important to help the students become familiar.

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