Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blog Assignment #1

Krissy Venosdale's blog was so interesting. She seems to be so creative and to have a passion for teaching. I loved reading her blog "If I Built a School." Ms. Venosdale seemed to have awesome ideas and like she would be the best teacher. I would've loved going to her school and having her as a teacher. I totally agree with her idea of "grade levels." I think that many times students get pushed through grades just so they are with their peers. This would be a good concept to see if the student was actually ready to progress to the next level. Her unique idea of having a treehouse in the library would make the students want to read and go to the library. I also like how she would have science experiments and interactive activities more often to get the students involved. I feel like if you were a part of Krissy's school, it would make you so excited about coming to school and about learning!

Sugata Mitra's explains a very different way of learning and the learning process. Mitra's way is one that is very different from Venosdale's. Mitra believes that we do not need schools or teachers to learn. He believes that we can learn by teaching ourselves or learn from our peers. He used the "hole in the wall" experiment to prove that teachers are not always necessary to learn by leaving computers in rural areas and when he returned to these places, the children knew how to operate the computers wonderfully without guidance from a teacher.
Welcome to Kindergarten

I will be teaching a kindergarten classroom. My classroom will be very unique and will have a lot of hands on and creative learning opportunities. I will have a spot in the classroom for hands on science activities, a reading corner, and a fun writing center. I will have iPads and computers set up for instructional math games or reading activities. I want to be sure to utilize technology in my classroom to help the students learn how to use necessary tools for their futures.

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What I Want my Students to Know:
I want my students to know that I am there to help them and guide them, but I do want them to do their own work and try their best to succeed in school. I want them to know that it is okay to ask questions. I also want them to know that they will make mistakes, and thats okay. Mistakes are a part of the learning process. I want my students to know that I believe in them and I know they will succeed as long as they put their minds to it.

What I Want My Students to be Able to do:
I want my students to be able to utilize technology in the classroom. I also want my students to be open minded and creative. My students will be able to find out the way that they learn best and what works for them. My students will be able to grab a book, or another learning activity they enjoy during free time to better themselves.

What My Primary Way of Teaching My Students What I Want them to Know and to Do Will Be:
My method of teaching will be through hands on activities. I will get each of my students involved in the daily learning process by using games, stories, and different activities where each of the children feel comfortable and are actively engaged in learning. I will also read to my students to teach a lesson or concept.

What Tools I Will Use In My Classroom:
I will promote the use of technology in my classroom, therefore I will use iPads, computers, and the Smart Board. The Smart Board will be a good way for me to call on students to come up to the board and help me work out problems in front of the class. I will also use fun tools such as sand, play dough, crayons, markers, and paint for the fun hands on activities.

What Role The Students Will Play In My Classroom:
My students will play an active role in our classroom learning environment. Students will be in groups in some of the hands on activities, but there will also be individual work and quiet time throughout the day. Students will also be expected to participate in the classroom lessons on the board when I ask for help or volunteers.
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  1. Keri we both have a lot of the same views in our teaching habits! I as well want to teach my students by doing hands on activities. I also agree with your outlook on the grade levels that Krissy Venosdale was talking about in her blog. Students should not be advanced to the next grade just to be with their peers. I believe you will be a wonderful Kindergarten teacher one day!

  2. Thoughtful. Interesting. What do you think of Mitra's ideas about learning?

    1. Mitra's ideas about learning really opened my eyes to different concepts and aspects of learning. I think his concepts are closely related to "No more burp back education." His ideas require the students to take initiative and actually learn the material. I think this way of learning is so useful to the students.