Sunday, August 25, 2013

Practice Blog Post

My name is Keri Brown, and I am a junior here at the University South Alabama. I have lived in Pensacola, Florida, Pace, Florida, and Milton, Florida, and now Mobile, Alabama. I did Dual Enrollment while I was in highschool and I completed one year of my AA degree while I was still in high school. When I graduated, I completed my AA degree and I had wanted to transfer to USA. An opportunity opened at the University of West Florida for elementary education. We would be taking classes instructed by UWF employees as well as Santa Rosa County elementary school teachers. We were also in a classroom two days a week out of this school year. This was an awesome experience, but I still really wanted to go off to school and USA was still where I wanted to be. I talked it over with my parents and we came over for a visit and absolutely loved it and the people in the education department. This is my first semester being at South and in the elementary education program. My major interests and passions include working with children, watching my brother and boyfriend play baseball, and spending time with my family.

My mom is the one who first sparked my interest in the education field. She taught preschool for ten years when I was younger and I was always at her school with her. When I got in school, I continued to go to moms school with her when I had days off that they did not get. Another thing that really made my decision definite was when I was a student mentor in 8th grade for two special education classes. We helped the kids with their work, went on field trips with them, and really got to know and interact with the kids. This was the most rewarding experience and it definitely opened my eyes a lot. I love when I run into the kids at the grocery store or a restaurant at home because they still get so excited to see me. I am ready to be in a classroom of my own, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

This is me with a few of the kindergarten girls in the class I volunteered in last year on their "Q and U Wedding."

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