Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blog Post #14

For Blog Post#14 we are required to create our own blog assignment for our designated area or speciality. My area of speciality is elementary education.

In this blog post, you will list one grade in which you would like to teach after graduating.

Once you have selected a grade level, you will then explore classroom management strategies. Explain different strategies you plan to use in your classroom. Explore videos, blogs, and other resources to get information. Be creative and specific to your chosen grade level.

Whole-Brain Teaching:
The grade level I would love to teach the most is kindergarten. I think kindergarten would be such a fun and ever-changing grade to teach. There is always something new and the kids are constantly growing throughout the whole year.

I observed a kindergarten classroom last year every Tuesday and Thursday. In this classroom the teacher was so involved and loved fun and interactive classroom management tools. I want to imply the whole brain teaching tools in my future kindergarten classroom.
whole brain teaching strategies
whole brain teaching strategies

I want to use these classroom rules with my students. If I teach the students these rules at the beginning of the school year and have them repeat them I feel like this will help a lot in the classroom. I will teach these rules using a specific tone of voice so the students will be able to easily remember them. I also want to use the "points" system with my students. I will let the students compete as a class versus the teacher, or as tables competing against other tables. With the points they will work towards different things such as, extra free time, prizes, extra outside time, etc. The point system will make the students work harder because they feel like they are actually working towards a goal at the end of each day. I will also use clapping patterns to get my students attention and interact with them. While my students are walking in the hallway they will also have specific thing to do such as having a bubble in their mouth (mouth full of air), or one hand on their hip and one hand on their lips, "hips and lips and hips and lips." Here is a video I found of a kindergarten classroom demonstrating whole bran teaching strategies.

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