Monday, October 28, 2013

C4KSummary for October

children around the world

My first student was Amy in Ms. Eppele's class in British Columbia, Canada. Amy was to look at a website on service dogs and explain what are other jobs dogs do for people and what you can do to help when you see a service dog. Amy explained that service dogs are used for several different things such as, people who are blind, people who are disabled, and people who have seizures. Amy also told different ways to help such as making donations and teaching dogs to be service dogs. Amy thinks that Melody will like having a little sibling at first, but after a while she will get uneasy about the situation because she is used to being the only child.

The second student blog I commented on was for Jett in Mrs. Hartooni's seventh grade science class. Jett wrote about gardening and how he does not know much but he wants to learn more. Jett wants to know more about irrigation and how much to water his garden. He also wants to know what flowers make the prettiest garden. Jett is wanting to use this project and experience to see who he works well with in the classroom for later group projects and things. I think that is such a great way of thinking on his part. I hope Jett learns who he works well with and also learns more about gardening.

The third student blog I commented on was for Man,a second grade student in Mr. So's class in Canada. Man wrote about "his genius hour project." He wrote a short post about how he loves to color and draw. He also likes to use scissors for art projects. He seems like a very creative boy and I hope he never loses site of his creativity and always strives to do more and be creative.

The fourth student blog I commented on was for Jenna, a fourth grade student in Mrs. Geldes class. Jenna wrote about Jack-o-lanterns and the tradition of carving pumpkins and other facts. I did not know any of this about pumpkins, but Jenna said that the Irish brought the tradition of carving pumpkins to America. She also said that there are at least 500 seeds in a pumpkins. Plus the top 4 states for growing pumpkins are Illinois,Ohio,Pennsylvania and California. I enjoyed reading her post so close to Halloween.

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