Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Project #2 PLN Progress Summary

picture of PLN

I chose to use Symbaloo to create my Personal Learning Network. On my PLN, I included many websites and resources that will be helpful to me throughout my educational journey and teaching career. In the top center of my PLN, I included a link to my Google drive, EDM310 class blog page, and a link to my personal EDM310 blogger page. I use these sites on a daily basis and felt that they would be better in the center. On the left side of my PLN, I have included links for Google, the weather (I edited specifically for Mobile, Al), and a calculator. On the right side of my PLN, I included links that I use frequently. I included Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Teachertube, Pandora, Gmail, the University of South Alabama website, and Amazon. All of these links are helpful for school and my future teaching career in a different way. Facebook and Twitter are great sources on my PLN because they allow me to get connected and talk to people in my classes and teachers all around the world. I want to continue adding to my PLN each time I find a website or teachers blog that will be useful to me now or later on. The Google search in the middle of the PLN provides a faster way to search the web. I have really enjoyed using my PLN so far. The use of my PLN will help keep me organized and have all of my resources in one place.

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