Sunday, October 6, 2013

Project #13 Lesson Plan #1

Kenesha Brown, Keri Brown, and Chelsea Calvert
Our Google Site:Project #13, Lesson Plan #1
North American cartoon settler holding a gun with a wagon behind him

This lesson plan is for a two week lesson for fifth grade students. Our driving question for the lesson is "What is colonization? Describe the early colonization of North America." We will begin this project by playing a trivia game found on iCurio for fun and to see what they already know. The students will be assigned one of the thirteen colonies and conduct research to write a research paper. After the students have written their research paper, they will be paired with another student that was assigned the same colony. The two students will then work together to create a Google Presentation to present in front of the class. This lesson will cover the English Language Arts Common Core Standards of Writing two, six, and seven. This lesson will also cover the Alabama Course of Study: Social Studies standard five.

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  1. The project is well done. Congratulations on doing a Google site and using the BIE Forms. Be prepared to present your project in class next week.