Tuesday, October 1, 2013

C4KSummary for September

kids around the world
The first student blog I commented on was Hanna. Hanna wrote about softball and how she believes that this game instills hard work and determination in people. Hanna talked about the time her dad told her that he would pay her if she hit a home run and she didn't think she would, but she actually did that game. She was so excited, and she could not believe that happened. Hanna did a great job expressing her thoughts and feelings throughout her essay. Her paper was organized and only had a few grammatical errors.

The second student blog I commented on was for Noah, a fifth grade student from Mrs. Huebner's class in Iowa. Noah wrote a poem and you were supposed to figure out the point of view he was writing from. Noah wrote his poem from a coach at Sioux Central's point of view. His title told his point of view, but his poem was written very well with details where if the title did not say you would still be able to figure it out. Noah talked about the class doing pushups, the coach being happy, and the coach feeling good when the kids work out.

The third student blog I commented on was for April, a Year 5 student at Pt England School in Auckland, NZ. April wrote a short blog about taking a field trip to youth town. She talked about how they rode on a bus to youth town and she did not like that. April wanted to take a nap on the bus but she could't because of all of the other children singing and being loud. April said that everyone was happy when they arrived at youth town because some people could swim and if you did not want to swim you could go in the recreation room and play pool and table tennis. In my comment, I asked April if she swam or played the other games. This blog was short, but she included pictures which I thought made it better.

The fourth student blog I commented on was for Shane, a sixth grade student at Elsanor Elementary in Robertsdale, Alabama. Shane wrote a short blog about "how heavy is the air." Shane tells us that the air weighs 570,000,000,000 pounds but it is spread evenly and that is why it does not crush us. Shane made simple grammar and sentence errors in the post, but he expressed his thoughts about the weight of the air well.

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